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SeaGull is the quarterly magazine of the Indian Maritime Foundation and is published in the months of February, May, August and November each year. It reaches out to not only the maritime community in India and abroad but to all those interested in Indian and global maritime affairs and marine environment. It is full of news and articles of interest including activities of the parent organization, the Indian Maritime Foundation, IMF.

The very first issue was released on 1st May 1995 under the able leadership of Captain R N Gulati, the founder editor. The baton of editorship was then passed on to Captain Sujit Choudhury in August 2003 who continues to assist the current editor actively. The Current SeaGull Editorial Team Comprises of Capt Anand Dixit, Editor, Cmde Ajay Chitnis, Joint Editor and Capt Sujit Choudhuery, Associate Editor.

We at the IMF are proud of the fact that the SeaGull is managed and edited by amateurs. It may also be noted that the style of writing SeaGull is distinctive primarily to distinguish it from the common seabird seagull.

Nov 14-Jan 15

  • SEAGULL - Vol XIX No 78
    Aug-Oct 14
  • SEAGULL - Vol XIX No 77
    May-Jul 14
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVIII No 76
    Feb-Apr 14
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVIII No 75
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVIII No 74
    Aug-Oct 2013
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVIII No 73
    May-July 2013
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVII No 72
    Feb-Apr 2013
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVIII No 70
    Aug - Oct 2012
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVII No 69
    May - July 2012
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVI No 68
    Feb - May 2012
  • SEAGULL - Vol XV No 67
    Nov 2011 - Feb 2012
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVI No 66
    Aug - Oct 2011
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVI No 65
    May - July 2011
  • SEAGULL - Vol XVI No 64
    Feb - Apr 2011